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Dealer registration

You run a shop for archery products (stationary and/or online) and would like to distribute L.G. Animals 3D Targets?

Just send a message with the following information to info@leitold.at We are looking forward to hear from you and will get back to you as soon as possible!

1. Business registration in pdf-format incl. your VAT-Number.

2. Company address and, if different, retail store address

3. Information on how you operate your business (retail store, webshop, trade shows)

4. If you have a webshop: URL address

5. Do you already buy from wholesalers? If yes, which?


After checking your data we will send you a message and confirm your dealer status. If you wish, you can also get a dealer access to our webshop, where you see your purchase prices for our 3D Targets and Target faces (B2B). Please note that you can only register for an end-consumer account by yourself. An account in our B2B area needs to be set up by us after the validation process.

For any further details, please contact us by phone + 43 (0) 7748 32820-0.

We look forward to get in touch with you!